Summer Houses in Runcorn and the Surrounding Areas Constructed by Professional Builders

Not everyone wants to add onto their property even though extra space is a necessity. What if you’re happy with your home’s exterior and don’t wish to dig up that patio you’ve just managed to arrange exactly how you want it? If you need additional rooms but they’re not necessary to the interior of your property, then why not consider having them relocated to the area at the back of your garden that you very rarely pay any attention to?

Our house builders and tradesmen at Bespoke Bricklaying & Building can design and create the perfect outdoor room for you as part of our summer houses range. With at-home entertaining becoming more popular and people working remotely, an external area in which to socialise or remain productive without interruption is becoming a popular choice for our clients in Runcorn and the surrounding areas.

Not only does a summer house or outdoor room reduce your gardening time, it can add to your property’s value with the amount of potential it offers future buyers.

Summer Houses

Our range of outdoor rooms will brighten up any garden and offer a variety of purposes. The most common options at present are home offices but our builders and tradesmen can also design and create the following options for Bespoke Bricklaying & Building’s clients in Runcorn and the surrounding areas:

  • Artist’s Studio
  • Guest Suite
  • Gym
  • Hobby Room
  • Home Bar
  • Play/Games Room
  • Reading Nook
  • Yoga Studio

Available with a selection of exterior designs, your new outdoor room can be created to match your property exactly, or blend with its natural surroundings. For summer houses that will be used as home offices or bars, we can insert fitted kitchens to suit.

All services relating to our exterior buildings’ range include the following:

  • Electrical, Gas and Plumbing Works
  • Groundworks and Foundations
  • Brickwork
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Internal Works
  • Doors and Windows
  • Joinery and Carpentry
  • Plastering and Tiling – if required

Incorporating our building services into our exterior property range, we can also enhance the overall look of summer houses and rear gardens by constructing a range garden walls and patio areas to match. For more information on these facilities, please contact us.

We’re all about space at Bespoke Brickwork & Building. Our clients in Runcorn and the surrounding areas need it, so our house builders and tradesmen will provide it. By making use of that dormant space – whether it’s at the side of your house or at the back of your garden – not only do we save you the cost of moving home, we provide the facilities you need to make your property work for you.

To view a variety of properties in your area, designed and constructed by our builders and tradesmen, just let us know. Our experienced and highly qualified will escort you to each site, detailing our work and explaining how we can incorporate your ideas into our designs and create the perfect space for you.

For further details about our summer houses in Runcorn and the surrounding areas, call Bespoke Brickwork & Building on 07772 634328.

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