Summer Houses and House Extensions in Runcorn and the Surrounding Areas | Concealing Wheelie Bins

Although they serve a purpose, the sight of wheelie bins standing around a property can detract from its aesthetic. It’s a question we’re asked a lot by our clients in Runcorn and the surrounding areas – if we’re going to select one of your company’s home extensions for the side of our house, where will we put the bins? It’s a fair point, but we’ve come up with a number of solutions you can adopt in order to utilise these necessary containers yet still keep your residences and new house extensions looking externally pleasing.

Our house builders and tradesmen at Bespoke Brickwork & Building Ltd pride themselves on their abilities to think outside of the box. By creating unique and intelligent spaces for our domestic and commercial clients, we’re gaining a continuous influx of new business with excellent reviews and testimonials. We construct house extensions and summer houses to suit growing needs, with solutions formed by over a century of combined experience between us.

Ban the Bins

We’ve compiled a list of suggestions regarding the concealment of wheelie bins. Hidden away, yet still easily accessible, this collection of general rubbish, recycling and garden waste will no longer be an eyesore at the side, or in front of, your property in Runcorn or the surrounding areas.

Brickwork 1

Whilst constructing our home extensions, our qualified bricklayers can build a structure at the front of your house to contain the wheelie bins. This miniature shed-like assembly will match the exterior of your property and new addition perfectly, naturally blending it into its surroundings.

Brickwork 2

Our house builders at Bespoke Brickwork & Building can design a garden wall at the front of your property to incorporate storage for the bins behind. By cleverly positioning larger plants or trees, not only will the bins be hidden from street view, you won’t see them either.

Garden Fencing

Create a frame around the bins using the same timber as your fencing or summer house’s exterior and, for added effect, add some colourful climbing plants. Encasing the plastic containers in natural wood and a selection of shrubs will make spotting them virtually impossible.

Colour Co-ordination

By using a wooden screen, similar to a room divider, not only can it conceal wheelie bins but perhaps outdoor toys and bicycles as well. Consider painting it to match your garden fencing if it hasn’t been left in it’s natural state, or add foliage to give the impression it’s an existing wall. If using this idea, please ensure the screen is well secured in place. For advice, ask our experts on how to fix outdoor structures safely.

Should you have any queries about our previously constructed house extensions in your area, please let us know. Bespoke Brickwork & Building is an established company serving Runcorn and the surrounding areas. We design and create remarkable home extensions and summer houses whilst conducting a wide range of building services for both the domestic and commercial sectors. Our house builders and tradesmen are fully qualified and experienced in their fields, and our positive testimonials from satisfied clients speak for themselves.

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